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We are fully licensed by the cyprus police and have more then 36 years of experience.

Armstrong private Security are here to help in times of trouble and distress. Unfortunately as we experience one of the worlds worst situations and the country comes to lock down, the burglaries increase adding to the pressure already experienced. We would like to make the public aware that we are here to help and open for business should you require immediate installation service or takeover due to being let down by current suppliers. In times like this we are aware how important Security is.

Should you be in the uk or worldwide and be worried about your property, as long as keys can be obtained by friends, family, Neighbours, or property maintenance companies we are more than happy to install a system for you and secure your property.

Weather it’s CCTV or Alarms you require, we are more than happy to install and send you the connection information so your property does not seem a distant memory. You will be able to see it right here and now.

Armstrong Security Ltd are at the forefront of technology in the battle against crime. We have been in the security business for over 18 years in Cyprus and 18 years in the UK. We use the latest technology and the most up to date methods to detect and deter crime against your property or business. Based in Paphos, Cyprus. Our business provides security installations and internet connections as well as sales/advice from our office/shop in Kato Paphos. This website also provides online sales of our DIY products and guides for the buyer to install the equipment we offer. We are one of the largest security providers in Paphos Area.

The company boasts a totally new website for 2019 where you can see the range of equipment and services on offer. It allows the purchase products and services for use in Cyprus or worldwide.
If you would like to see the systems and products on offer they can be found at or if you are one of those people like me that needs to touch the products and chat to a someone for advice, they have a shop in Kato Paphos where the range of equipment can be seen there on display. They have solutions for all security problems.
Alan Armstrong and Kevin Powell owners of Armstrong Private Security Ltd says "we are more than happy to help; Advice is free and with the many years of experience I am sure we can provide helpful information on any situation. We have new systems or upgrades that can be added to your existing security to make it tougher for the criminal to go undetected. The burglars of today are breaking into property for cash, jewellery and any other items they can get their hands on in a couple of minutes. Most of the systems will only alert you once a break-in has taken place. Sure your alarm system is a great deterrent and will let you know if a break-in occurs, but now we have systems to alert the owner as soon as a would-be burglar comes on the property. They give a heads up for the owner before any damage has been done. These systems are suitable for villas, apartments and many other locations. Call us, we will show you what can be done".

Armstrong Private Security Ltd is truly going from strength to strength in 2019.


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